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Thank you for Verifying your Email Subscription

Thank you for verifying your email subscription.

I try to work differently from most marketers, you won’t get emails from me every few days promoting the latest product.

At the most you will receive  an email week and they will all start with the title [Mark Thompson] (please whitelist this or just reply to the first email and that should whitelist it for you). These emails will generally point you to interesting blog posts (At least I hope they are Interesting!). If you do receive any promotional style emails from me then it will usually be a special offer on one of my own products or indeed a free report.

The only exception will be if it’s a product by someone I know, trust, are ethical and whose product I have seen,tested and liked. In these case I will do a thorough review and possibly an interview with the creator so that you know exactly what you are being offered.

If you have any questions about anyone of the emails you receive please reply with your questions, I do personally read every email and will get back to you as soon as possible.

My flagship product is WordPress Goldmine, which despite the name isn’t totally about Wordpress  since it was first created several years ago it’s become one of the primary make money online forums and covers everything from setting up your first blog to selling books on Kindle. It really is an encyclopedia of IM knowledge. With over 1500 members and 100,000 posts you’ll find help and advice when ever you need it.

If you haven’t visited WordPress Goldmine below you’ll find a link for a 7 day trial which will cost you $1. I guarantee you’ll soon realize why it’s been called the best and most helpful Internet Marketing Forum

Click here for a $1 Trial WordPress Goldmine

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