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I first wrote WordPress Goldmine as a 20 page report that detailed how I turned 2 blog posts and a couple of articles into a $20,000 income. From those humble beginnings It’s turned into a something much more. It’s growing each day and covers much more than just wordpress. We have a very loyal group of members who are happy to help out with any questions about building sites ot making money online. The main rule we have in the forum is…. There are no stupid questions.

If you are just starting out or experienced but not making the money you hoped you would , what could be more motivating than seeing people who were in the same situation as you a few months ago posting about their first $100 days or their First $1000 month.

Click on any of the highlighted WordPress Goldmine links below and you’ll be taken to the special offer page where it will cost you just $1 for the first 7 days. Signup, browse around ask some questions if you don’t think it’s for you’ll I’ll even refund your $1

If you prefer to join through Clickbank then the main page is http://wpgoldmine.com (sorry we can’t do a $1 special through clickbank!) But I’ll be happy to refund your payment in full if it’s not for you.

The main components are.

  • A 100 page manual showing you why and how you should be using wordpress as the foundation for your business
  • A series of Videos showing you how to build your first site.
  • A Users Forum with almost 50,000 posts and 2000 members who are happy to help you make a success of internet marketing.  I promise you won’t find a friendlier forum anywhere online
  • Step By Step Videos . Each Month I create a video series which detail methods which will improve you income online and make earning a full time income achieveable. These are the types of courses that other marketers charge hundreds of Dollars for. With WordPress Goldmine you get them for free. Previous step by step courses include:

Article Marketing -want a 30%+ click through rate, you need to read this

Building a Site That Sells…the site we built  earned $400 from month one onwards

Outsourcing – want to know how to get good efficient people to work for you for under $2 an hours freeing you up to create more money earning sites.

And Much more.

Why not check out WordPress Goldmine, you won’t regret it


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